the nest

the nest

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

How do we raise strong, confident, caring people who will grow up to make the world a better place for all? How much is nature and how much is nurture? Can someone who has grown up in less than ideal circumstances change their path? How do we parent our children throughout their life so that we give them the support and guidance they need, without smothering or controlling them?

Too many big questions for 5:30 in the morning!

Being a parent is hard. Being a teacher is hard. Being anyone who is responsible for guiding and teaching the next generation is HARD. If it is so hard, how have we as a species survived?

I can't even begin to dive in to all the questions above this early in the day, but maybe it's not really that hard. Maybe we (and our 21 century lifestyle) have made it harder.

~ Love unconditionally

~ Hold people accountable for their actions, then push the "re-start" button

~ Don't do things for children that they can do for themselves (even if it gets you out the door faster!)

~ Feed them good food

~ Provide them with plenty of fresh air and exercise

~ Teach them how to say "please" "thank you" and "I'm sorry".  Don't demand that they say these
      things... teach them by example.

~Teach them how to make eye contact and have a conversation with others.

~Teach them how to give a firm handshake

~ Don't make all their dreams come true. That's their job.

~ Be the person you want them to be - they will learn by watching YOU
~Explore the real world, not just the virtual one

~Don't ignore or avoid technology, but set clear limits on it.