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the nest

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dangerous territory...

I'm moving past my post summer blues and decided to dive back into writing.  Life over the past two weeks has been moving at a breakneck pace as I prepped my studio for the year and helped my family get back into the swing of life.
We are still not on top of the house, or chores, or the calendar, but Arts from the Heart is up and running and so far the response to the space has been good.  It's not "finished" yet, but enough for singing and dancing!
Aside from the busyness I've been staying away from writing because all that seems to jump into my brain is a running commentary on the political craziness and I have never seen myself as particularly political and haven't wanted to get into the debate.  THIS IS SCARY.
Don't get me wrong; I've voted since I was 18 and love this country.  But I'm disgusted by so many of the so-called "leaders'" and the lack of accurate information and the willingness of so many to just believe what "our side" says as truth.  DO YOUR HOMEWORK!  If you actually read the facts and still support your candidate, then vote for him.
I have been, and expect that I will continue to be, an Obama supporter.  Mostly because I believe that he deserves another 4 years to continue working on cleaning up a mess that took 8 years to get into.  When I look at the facts, I continue to feel this way.  He is a good man, a smart man and a steady man.  If you disagree, don't vote for him.
But, vote FOR someone, not AGAINST the other guy.  If you believe in Romney and what he stands for, then vote for him.  Don't vote for him because you're AGAINST Obama.   If you want me to vote for Romney, tell me why I should, because right now, based on what I've heard, I don't have any reason to change my vote.  What I see within the GOP is a political party full of hypocrites.  They say they want smaller government and want to give individuals more control over their own money etc...  Unless of course those individuals make personal choices that are contrary to the GOP.   We want to eliminate all abortions, but we don't want to make birth control available and affordable.  We want stable families, but only if they fit our picture of "family".  We want you to control your destiny and path in life UNLESS it violates our personal belief system.  See where I'm going?
Where I want to see a change is within Congress - a sitting President (of either party) can't do ANYTHING when there are enough people in Congress whose goal is not to work for the greater good, but to oust the President in the next election.  For 4 years the goal of many on the right has simply been to oust President Obama.  In the meantime, they have a salary, excellent benefits etc., but rather than do their job they have been Obstructionists.  I want to fire them all.  Once Obama was elected and THEY were elected it became their duty to work together for the greater good.
Everyone has their own opinions and beliefs and mine tend toward the Left.  I believe that a country as great as ours has a responsibility to provide a safety net to those who are struggling.  I believe that those who are doing well should pay their fair share.  I believe that EVERYONE should have access to basic healthcare, food, shelter and a decent education.  I believe that the so called "moochers" are fewer in number than the media would lead us to believe.  Recent facts show that Romney's 47% who don't pay income tax are either 1) elderly, 2) students, or 3) people who are out of work or underemployed who have paid income taxes and will again.  Most of these people are in fact paying other kinds of taxes.
I could go on, but I'm heading into rambling territory and it's time to go.  Do your research, don't just blindly accept what you hear, vote your conscience, then support the choice of the people and GET TO WORK.  If you don't like what happens you can vote again in 4 years, but during those 4 years, help out or GET OUT OF THE WAY.

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