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the nest

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I am in awe.  We dropped Katy off at Luther College on August 30th and I have a feeling that by the time she graduates in 2018, she will know, not just everyone on campus, but everyone in Decorah, IA.  In the 2 plus weeks she has been there, she has ventured out on her own more than I ever could have imagined as a scared college freshman in 1986.
When I called home, I was homesick and wanted to come home for a weekend.  When she calls (or texts, or face times, or messages), she has an adventure to tell me about!  Opening her own bank account, finding a local chiropractor, starting classes, work-study, joining a variety of clubs and activities.... My little extrovert is IN HEAVEN.

When Katy was born, and ever since then, we have sometimes joked that if she survived to adulthood, she would take over the world ~  well world.... Here she comes!
As an introvert (yes, I AM an introvert), I am often stunned at the comfort of my daughters when they are around strangers.  I have no trouble in social situations when I have a job to do, or if I know everyone, but put me at a cocktail party where I don't know anyone?  I will hang on my husband's arm or go wash dishes.  Put me on a stage in front of 1,000 people?  No problem.  Ask me to chit chat with someone new at church?  That takes all my energy!

Katy and Helen have an amazing ability to chat up almost anyone~ I think they inherited that from their Nana.  I was amazed as a teenager by my Mom's ability to discover within 10 minutes or less of meeting someone knew that they were the child of so and so who went to school with so and so who was married to so and so who lived next to my Grandmother when she was a little girl!  Seriously.
I can remember being in a shopping mall in MN~ not even one of the big ones, just our little local one.  I was full of my teenage self and mom was waiting on a bench outside a store while I shopped.  When I came out 10 minutes later, she had discovered that the lady sitting next to her had grown up in the same town as she did and had gone to nursing school with my Grandmother.  As a teenager, I would sometimes be embarrassed by my extroverted Mom's ability to strike up a conversation with anyone.  Now as I watch my daughter's do the same thing, I'm in awe and just a little bit envious.

I'm all about honoring who we are and for the most part I'm comfortable in my introverted skin.  There are times though when I think that being an extrovert would be better for someone like me with a small business.  So many relationships to build, so many people to chat with, SO HARD FOR ME!

Today when I talked to Katy, she had introduced herself to my retired college choir conductor, Weston Noble, who's an icon on campus and much beloved by Luther alumns.  They chatted and ended their visit with a hug and good wishes.  Then she headed off downtown on her new bike, that she researched and bought, for her chiropractor appt. with a Dr. she researched and found.  Then she meandered into the StoryPeople Shop downtown ( and met the creator of StoryPeople, Brian Andreas. They chatted and took a photo for me.  If you don't know StoryPeople, you should.
If you are an extrovert, none of this might sound that amazing to you, but to someone who still doesn't like to call and order a pizza and who finds on-line shopping to be an amazing way to avoid talking to strangers, it's awesome. 

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