the nest

the nest

Sunday, March 8, 2015


One week and I bring my girl home for a short visit.  The first time since Thanksgiving.  I am so excited to have her home!  The boy will be home for about 36 hours when the girl is home, so all my chicks will be here for a brief time.
I'm trying not to be too excited, but I am.  I miss them so very much.   I love that they are living their lives, but I miss them every day.  Just now I had a call from the girl.  She is struggling with her asthma.  I said "go find your RA and get to the ER."  This is the 3rd asthma  attack in a week.  She's never really had attacks, just the asthma cough.  I hate being so far away right now.  I want to scoop her up and take care of her.  One week to go.
I know that she will find the help she needs right now.  She is in a wonderful place with loving, caring people who will make sure she gets the help she needs.  That doesn't make it any easier knowing she is having trouble breathing.
This is what makes it hard to be a mama.  When they are small you can feed them, change them, snuggle them, hold them.  Most of the time one of those choices will help.  When they are grown and away from you, all you can do is trust that they will find someone to help them if they need it.
It's hard being a mama when her chicks are far from home...

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