the nest

the nest

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

the compound

Once upon a time there was a sweet family with a mom and a dad, a little girl and a little boy.  They created a life for themselves in a community who loved them.

One day the mom got sick.  She saw doctors, took medicine, prayed, but eventually she couldn't fight anymore and she had to say goodbye to the family she loved.  She worried about leaving her little girl and little boy behind, but knew that it was time.

The community who loved her also loved the dad and the little girl and the little boy.  They were embraced and loved and fed and cared for.

Life moved on and the little girl and the little boy started to grow up.  The dad became mom AND dad and the children grew well and were happy.  One day the little girl became a young woman and flew across the continent to begin an exciting adventure.  The community cheered and shed tears as they said goodbye.  The mom, where ever she was, smiled.

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