the nest

the nest

Friday, June 29, 2012

proud mama

I'm generally reluctant to brag about my children.  Quite honestly, they make me nutty and I forget how really amazing they are.  We are all out of our "Ellington" nest right now (except Jeff and Lily who are holding down the fort!), and observing my children in another environment, functioning without me is so lovely...

They are confident, caring, loving, compassionate, funny people.  ALL THREE OF THEM.  As a mom, I regularly wonder if I am doing a good job and making the right "parenting" choices, but when I see them at Calumet, it's pretty clear that they are growing into amazing people partly because of me, but mostly in spite of me!
It's good to remember when you've had a "bad" parent day that kids are resilient, if you surround them with others who love them, your "mistakes" won't matter as much, and if you remember to love them and apologize, that helps too.

I'm not sure how much I'll blog this summer while we are away enjoying the heaven that is Camp Calumet, but I'll be back for sure in the fall... back to launching myself and my children into the world.

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