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the nest

Monday, May 20, 2013

Birthday musings

Yesterday I turned 45.  I was overwhelmed with birthday wishes, celebrated with good friends on Saturday night, knew that it was a busy weekend with people every which way, didn't anticipate being weepy.

45 is closer to 50 than 40.
My middle child went to her Junior Prom.
This weekend, I missed a nephew's graduation from my Alma Mater AND a niece's baptism.
After a very fast week at home, I took my oldest to New Hampshire where he will spend the summer.

During church Sunday am, several of the Pentecost readings brought up musical memories of my time at Luther College singing in Nordic Choir.  Reinforced what I was missing, but made me grateful for what I've had.  "I will sing to the Lord as long as I live."

The launching of my children comes faster and faster.  Good thing my sweet puppy Thor will be with us through the many transitions the 4 or 5 years will bring.

I'm so blessed in so many ways and have had an amazing life so far with so much to come.  At 45 though, there are things I wish I did differently.  I told my son that I know there are many mistakes he just has to make on his own as he grows, but there are a few I wish he would learn from us so he doesn't have to revisit some of them.  Here are a few...

1) When you are 18 or 20 or 25 or 30, and people tell you to save 10% of any income, DO IT.  At 45, with a successful almost 22 year marriage, 3 amazing kids, my own business etc... One of the few things that can send me to the pits is our complete and utter lack of savings.  One miscalculation of funds and I'm in a panic until the next paycheck.  10% of everything goes a long way to feeling secure.

2)  Make sure to write thank you notes.  I believe in them, I can explain why they are important, and why I appreciate them, but I'm terrible at writing them.  Just do it.

3)  Before you settle down think about who you want to be near as you have children and as your parents get older.  We have loved CT in so many ways and at this point it is our home.  I miss being close to our family for special events and even just meeting for lunch.  I wish that we were closer to grandparents and cousins.  I miss my Mom and Dad.  I never thought I would end up halfway across the country.  Maybe this would have been our path, but I wish we had thought forward more than we did.

I'll get over my weepiness.  When you have a puppy and when you sing and dance with families and children for a living it's hard to stay blue.  Happy Birthday to me.

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