the nest

the nest

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pure Joy

I am so blessed.  I am overwhelmed with love.  I need to make a list.

~ I have a family I love, who loves me back

~I have dear friends in town and around the world who I love, who love me back

~I do work I love, in a community I love, knowing that others around the world are doing the same work and loving it as I do

~It's May 1st, the sun is shining, Spring is here (unless you live in Minnesota)

The last 5 months have been rough.  I have been exhausted, blue, uninspired, feeling old.
DONE WITH THAT!  I have so much to write about my time at the Music Together Annual Conference last weekend.  So much that I just can't process it yet.  It will be a journey.  Feeling energized, colorful, inspired and YOUNG!

love, love, love SPRING

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