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the nest

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

keep breathing...

What a few weeks it has been...  Puppy drama, teenage girl drama, and then crazy Boston Marathon Drama.  Add a trip to Virginia Beach with the EHS Music Department and prepping for the Music Together Annual Conference and I am all over the place.  Need to focus.

We sadly brought Luther back to his birth home and are hoping to bring home a new puppy from the Berkshire's Mother's Day weekend.  Trying to keep my excitement in check as we've done this before.
I miss my sweet puppy and hope that he is loved and cared for regardless of how short his life will be.  I still feel some guilt that we made the decision we did, but I just know in my heart it was the right one.

Such relief when the chaos in Boston was over.  With a bus full of teenagers and chaperones all checking their "devices" trying to keep up on the news, it was nice to be able to breathe a little easier knowing it was over. For now.

Emotions have been everywhere ~ With so much sadness and fear, it was such a delight to be with the  students from EHS as they performed and enjoyed each others company.  It was almost as much fun watching them at Motor World and Busch Gardens as it was watching them sing and play.  If you ever think your teenager is too grown up, just watch them at "play" and you'll see glimpses of the young child that is still inside.  It's wonderful!

Such pride was felt by us all when they won the "Esprit de Corp" award ~ this recognizes the spirit and  integrity of a school OUTSIDE of performance.  The Ellington community should be immensely proud of how we were represented by our students.

Transitioning from last weekend to this weekend has been a challenge ~ lots of laundry and bookkeeping to get caught up on, forms to sign, carpools to drive.  It's all worth it though~ the Music Together Annual Conference is around the corner and it is sure to be a memorable one.  I will tell you all about it, but now I have to go teach, prep for a session I'm co-leading, pack, and get my nails done!  Time's a wasting!  Princeton here I come!

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