the nest

the nest

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It takes too much energy to be crabby...

I'm done ranting.  At least for now.  I forgot how much energy it takes to be crabby and to "fight."  It's good for me to remember that when something is under my skin, it makes more sense to dive in and make a decision to let it be or jump in and change it.
One of the things that makes me crazy is people who complain all the time, so I'm done.
Things I am grateful for this week that I'm going to embrace:

~ Blue skies and sunshine
~ Healthy kids
~ My BF/Husband/Partner/Love of my life
~ Music
~ Work that is important and happy
~ A home that needs my love (and time)
~ Friends who are patient, loving and sassy
~ Parents who are healthy and fabulous
~ In-laws who I love
~ A Church family I can joyfully celebrate Easter with
~ Hope that individuals and groups of committed people can and will change the world

~ The opportunity to see Bruce Springsteen at Madison Square Garden on Friday night


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