the nest

the nest

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Out of the nest or off the leash...

I'm beginning to wonder if the name of my blog is the right one.  Since I started writing it, the thoughts tumbling around in my brain have been a little overwhelming.  I feel a little like Lily when we get back from a walk and I take her off the leash in the yard.  It seems I feel very strongly about a lot of things and have a lot to say about them!
I have so much to get done this week and I finally decided I had to sit down and get some of this out of my "nest" so I can get on with the cleaning, scraping and painting that is supposed to be happening.  Here are some of the things (in no particular order) that get me riled...

1) People who curse loudly and frequently in public.  It's like verbal garbage.  It's ugly, hurtful and rude.  I use my own share of expletives at times, but hopefully they don't assault others ears.   If they do, I'm sorry.

2) Far right-wing fundamentalist "Christians" who don't seem to understand or follow the greatest commandment "Love One Another."  It doesn't say "love the one who looketh and acteth like me. " It doesn't say "love the one who can fend for themselfeth."  It doesn't say "love the people who do it my way." The Commandment is "Love One Another as I have LOVED YOU." PERIOD.  In my version of Christianity, God's love for me is unconditional, therefore I am commanded to love other's UNCONDITIONALLY.  Doesn't mean I have to like them, but if I am going to identify myself as a Christian, I am going to try to live by the greatest commandment and LOVE OTHERS.  The current Republican primary season is charging some of this up for me.  Candidates who claim to be Christians who are so willing to lie, judge and throw anyone under the bus (including those most in need) to get what they want make me want to hurl.  Their god is not mine.

3) The crazy expectation that everyone should be able to take care of themselves.  "Pull yourselves up by your bootstraps" kind of thinking.  If you don't have any boots to begin with it's a problem.  I am so very tired and frustrated by the idea that being totally independent is the only way we can be FREE.  There is nothing wrong with a balance of independence and dependence.  How about interdependence.  Sometimes I need a little help, sometimes you need a little help.  It goes back to number 2.    Perhaps if we made sure everyone in our country had "boots", or food, shelter, basic healthcare, whatever, then they could get on with making their life better, but it's not ok to push the homeless pregnant teenager in Hartford out of the nest unless someone is flying underneath her to catch her if she falls.  I'm not saying we should not hold people responsible for themselves and their families, but EVERYONE has a right to a safety net.

I could go on, but I'm feeling lighter.  I came to the realization that the other reason I am feeling the indignation and anger with the status quo in our country is that I have blossoming young adults in my home who are reminding me what it was like to feel that it's not ok that it's so easy for some and so horrible for others.  It's so easy to get cynical and say "that's just the way the world is."  I'm thankful that my children are reminding me that just because that's the way it is doesn't mean it's the way it needs to be. 
Maybe the nest I'm flying out of is safety and complacency.  I hope there's a net to catch me.

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